Potrerillos is a small town near Boquete and just 20 minutes by car from David. It is split into two regions: Potrerillos Abajo and Potrerillos Arriba. Known for it’s perfect spring like climate year round the average temperature ranges from 18 – 22°C. In the past five years this area has become increasingly popular with people looking to settle outside of the more touristy town of Boquete. This area is still fairly undeveloped but with the near completions of the new road connecting Boquete to Potrerillos and Potrerillos to Volcan there has been a significant amount of interest.

The great thing about Potrerillos is very few people are aware of all the incredible nature lover experiences. For example, Los Mameyes, located in the northern part of the district, at a 1,000 meters in altitude is the perfect look out point to view Alto Boquete, the Chiriqui Gulf, the lowlands of David, the Chorcha waterfall, Volcan Baru and many more incredible sites. Los Mameyes also offers a rain forest with an abundance of Cedar trees, Mamecillo, Bambito, Siguatón, Palms, Orchids and more. River ducks, painted rabbits and ocelots are common site.

Locals give a great care to preserve the water source of waterfalls in Potrerillos, some areas are protected by ANAM.

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