David is the third largest city in Panama and the capital of the Chiriqui province. With a population of approximately 150,000 inhabitants, David is one of the fastest growing cities in all of Panama. The city is conveniently located 25 minutes away from the white sandy beaches of the Pacific coast and 25 minutes away from the cool Boquete spring like temperature. The weather mimics that of tropical climates, with rainy winters of (May-December) and dry summer (January to April) with an average annual temperature of 92.4 ° F during the day and 70 ° F at night. Temperatures can reach 95 ° F during the hot summer months. The average annual rainfall is 103 inches and the average rain days in a year is right around 169 days.

David is the commerce center for all of western Panama and parts of Costa Rica. It is one of the most industrialized cities in the country and is a center of manufacturing, heavy industry and high technology standards and communications. It is also a popular tourist destination due to its nightlife, entertainment, cuisine, shopping and relative proximity to the Pacific coast. As an important agricultural center, David is home to an international trade and agricultural fair, Feria Internacional hosted in early March of every year. The overall standard of living is relatively high and cost of living low, even for Panama. David has a high level of employment and the city is generally well maintained. Like most of Panama, infrastructure in David is better than you will find in any other Central American city and is on par with North American standards in many areas. Most streets and highways are in good condition and the easy access to the Inter-American Highway make it easy to travel to Panama City (5 hrs) or Costa Rica (35 min.) David has frequent and inexpensive regularly scheduled bus service to any part of the city and taxi service is on every corner. Also available to everyone are excellent communication services. Cable & Wireless is a privatized telephone company, providing network telephone and inexpensive long distance service along with DSL high speed Internet services. There are two good cellular companies, two cable TV providers, Direct TV service, two wireless Internet providers and numerous radio stations.

Shopping and living in David gives you access to every type of merchandise and service you might desire. New shops and services to accommodate the rapid growth in Chiriqui’s expatriate community are opening regularly. There are several excellent hospitals, ten auto dealers, two shopping malls, four department stores, six major appliance and electronic stores, three good furniture outlets, pharmacies, a Price Smart (Costco), and ‘Do-It’ Center hardware. Smaller retailers include numerous boutiques, shoe stores and mini department stores. David has great bakeries and pastry shops, restaurants including TGIF, The Steak House, The Fogon, Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut, a dozen large supermarkets, 2 theatres (with English movies), many dry cleaners, a Blockbusters and a dozen other video stores, bowling lanes, numerous paint and building materials stores, quality tool houses and well stocked hardware, automotive and industrial supply stores, etc. You can find everything you are accustomed to at home and more, in David.

The convenience of having all the amenities the city has to offer coupled with only being 30 minutes away from the breathtaking beaches and mountains has made David a growing popular option for expats looking to relocate to Panama. Home prices can range from $50K in a typical Panamanian neighborhood all the way up to $500K in the more exclusive neighborhoods. Visit our listings to view the various options available.

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